COMPUTER SERVICES for Small Businesses

E.A. Technologies offers a number of different services, both packaged and customized, to ensure we offer your business the best possible solution. We have worked extensively with Microsoft products and partners, and we are certified by Microsoft as a “Small Business Specialist”. What does this translate to? We will work diligently and efficiently to propose a solution that fits your needs, and works for your people, and we will do this while offering the best customer service possible.

Hosted Help Desk

If your small business is ready for dedicated IT support, but you just don’t have the budget to hire someone, or your current IT staff is over worked, and you can’t hire, then a hosted helpdesk is the solution for you. Let us be your helpdesk! You can submit tickets via your own helpdesk website that we setup, call live chat support, phone support, and remote support. All this, with less risk and less hassle then hiring someone.


Smartphone Services

We can implement a smartphone strategy that’s right for you business. Whether it’s building a blackberry server, or setting up Treo’s in your existing environment, we can make sure your employees are getting those important emails wherever they may be. Contact us now to discuss your options.


Public Computer Lockdown

If you have a computer that you grant access to the public or would like to this service is for you. Ideal for hotels, coffee shops, kiosks, schools, etc. This service keeps your computer stay the way you intended it. You can prevent users from installing software, changing configurations, downloading large files, and anything else you don’t want them to do. This is great for keeping a public computer from getting bogged down by everyday use and spending unnecessary money to keep in running fast.


Network Setup & Services

Ready to take the leap into wireless? Maybe you would prefer to have all of your computers and other hardware plug directly into your network. We can come to you place of business and help you make the choice that’s right for your business. E.A. Technologies can help design a network solution that will be most effective in satisfying your needs. Network/shared printers, shared folders, organized cabling, we can do it all.

Server Setup

Whether you are ready to purchase your first server, or add an additional serer to you existing environment, or update a current server we can help. Our technicians have experience with all Windows Server operating systems including NT, 2000, 2003, 2008, and all R2 versions.

Some common server roles include:

  • Domain Controller
  • Web Server
  • Email Server
  • SQL Server
  • Application Server
  • Blackberry Server

After years, even months, of work, your computer may start feel as though it’s running slow. Some normal maintenance will help to make your system feel like new again. Give us a call or chat with us live to set up time to help. Many times we are able to remote into your system, with your permission, and take care of things right away.

Backup & Restore Services

Do you need a backup solution for your business? Keeping backups of data stored on your servers or business desktops/laptop is an important part of running your business successfully. We here at E.A. Technologies can come to your business and help come up with a solution that best fits your needs. We can help with the purchase and implementation of backup service that suits your business.

We can also help with the restoration of data. If you have data that needs to be restored and are not sure where to begin, give us a call. Our technicians can help.

Software Packages

Not a whole lot to this one. If you have some software you need installed on client machine or server, we’ll take care of it. Typically server based software is a little more complicated, but we have the experience in planning, configuring, and implementing, to make it a successful project.

Sharepoint Setup & Maintenance

Microsoft has a very powerful document management and collaboration tool called SharePoint®. This application, in its basic form, is included free of charge with the Windows Server operating system. There is also the option to purchase a more robust version called Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS). MOSS allows for tighter integration with the Microsoft Office suite, in particular the application called InfoPath. SharePoint can be used for an internal Intranet, as well as a public facing Internet for customers.

Our highly qualified technicians can install and configure SharePoint to your specifications. We will work with you to tailor the installation so you and your team can work effectively and keep track of project documentation. We can create a intranet sites for each department, a blog for your team members to write about things they may be working on, and even a WIKI to allow for collaboration on projects.

Do you already have SharePoint installation? E.A. Technologies can help you to get most out of it. We can help the creation of new sites, new pages or even updates that may be needed. Call us to see what we can do for you.

SQL Services

Does your new application require a database backend? Do you need assistance managing your databases and not sure who to turn to? E.A Technologies has the experience with Microsoft SQL Server that you are looking for. We can setup your databases, connect your applications to the database and even create and run reports for you right off the database. We can help with the creation of reports for various applications, and build a web application to get the reports out to your team. Call or chat with us live to see how we can help.

Custom Applications

If you need to have a custom web application written for those times when you just can’t buy what you are looking for, we are there for you. We have experience building custom web applications in .NET that can integrate with your SQL backend.

Some examples for applications we have designed:

  • Award Recognition Program
  • Status Reports Application
  • Other SQL Backend Driven Apps
Google Apps (Chat / Email / Docs)

Google is taking over the world! And that means good stuff for you and your business. For a business trying to watch costs, Google Apps is the way to go. Google Apps include Gmail, Google Talk and Google Docs.

Google Docs is an online replacement for Microsoft Office. It allows you to keep all of your documents out on the web, accessible anytime from any place. Gmail is Google’s free web based email service. We can configure Gmail so you can access it via Outlook or any other email client, on your Smartphone or just via the web. Google Talk is an instant messaging application to allow for quick conversations with team members or external customers. See our Contact page for Google Talk in action! Chat with us live for instant answers to any question you may have.