Improving Computer Performance

Computer running sluggish? Think it’s time for a new one? Before you spent your hard earned money on a new system let our technicians give your computer system a once over. Often times a hardware upgrade, memory, hard drive, processor (if available) will help bring things up to speed. Even doing some system maintenance can make a big improvement in performance. If you’ve had the system for some time and never used any type of cleaning utilities, give us a call. We will inspect your system and help you make the right decision.

  • Memory (RAM) Upgrade – Best & Most Cost Effective Upgrade
  • Processor Upgrade – Cost increase generally outweighs performance increase over RAM
  • Malware Cleanup – Can offer a huge increase in performance if you are infected
  • Startup Services – We’ll remove unneeded startup services to improve bootup time
  • Defrag – Call now, and we’ll tell you how to do this for free!