About us

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Disgusted by the costs of computer services from major companies such as Geeksquad® and Firedog?, we have set out to start our own computer services company. We are not nerds or geeks, just two normal guys that enjoy working on computers and other electronics, as well as teaching others.

We believe that customer service is the cornerstone for any successful business. For that reason we feel on-site support should be standard, and not a luxury with additional costs. Therefore, all prices include on site repairs and consultation.

Currently, our specialty is “After Hours” computer services as we are both employed full time as network administrators for one of the nation’s fastest growing companies back to back years. Our goal however is to eventually provide our services full time.

Our scope of experience is very wide, so please, if you are unsure of what we can do for you, please ask. You can call us or feel free to shoot us an email at info@eatechs.net.